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  First features of Barrack Obama’s policy

Arûnas Spraunius
2009 04 06

On 25 February, during the first address to the United States Congress, president B.Obama promised that the country would emerge from the recession stronger than before. President assured that the price of recovery would be new economy when people spend money depending on their resources, pursuing short-term gains over long-term prosperity, and promised to lead America towards clean, renewable energy and new generation cars. B.Obama said that no-bid contracts that have wasted billions in Iraq would be eliminated, and the defense budget would be reformed so that America was not paying for Cold War-era weapons systems it did not use.

President received support of the U.S Congress of the amount of USD 787 billion for revival of the battered American economy. President did not say that he knew how unpopular it was to be seen as allocating billions to banks, but this was the only way of making the credit system operational and instrumental both for families and businesses.

While responding to B.Obama‘s address to the radio station „Svoboda“, B.Shiryaev, professor of North American Research Center of St.Petersburg University, highlighted that it was the first time in the long term period when the American president avoided „ritual spells“, and foreign policy was not dominant. Main key statements were related to further withdrawal from Iraq and proposal on a new strategy in Afghanistan.

When commenting the plan for recovery of the American economy, professor of Stanford University M.Bernstein said that the executive power will pursue more active budget and fiscal policy instead of only printing money and distributing it to banks.  The Government is going to assume the vast majority of costs by reducing taxes with a view to activating investment and establishing new jobs. The plan seems logical, but it is difficult to say on whether it would be effective.

The British „The Guardian“ blessed the beginning of president B.Obama‘s leadership in the article „Let the Work of Change Begin“. „The Times of India“ urged not to ignore continuity of policy and invited the new president to pursue the struggle against terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last year the French „Le Point“ wrote that B.Obama wanted to show the world that his single ideology was pragmatism. Then critics announced that instead of reshaping America, the new president would allow Washington change itself. In response to that, B.Obama said that he could not assure constructive actions by surrounding himself only with loyal novices.

It is quite unexpected and symbolic that B.Obama‘s article „The Action We Need“ was recently published in the right-wing British newspaper „The Guardian“.  The article writes about millions of „gone“ jobs, the lost income and that people everywhere are worried about what tomorrow will bring. President urges to immediately rescue the health care system in order to ensure health insurance to millions of U.S. citizens, and says that the Americans will have to work hard.

B.Obama‘s administration also tries to initiate conceptual correctives in the struggle against terrorism. According to „The Financial Times“, it considers this struggle not as a military confrontation but as an ideological struggle.  The daily writes that this could imply the American way of formulating the foreign policy as „a soft power“. On the other hand, R.Gates, the current United States Defense Secretary, who used to work in G.Bush administration, was of the opinion that America would continue missile attacks against terrorist headquarters in Pakistan.

The American political scientist Z.Bzhezinski said to the daily „Le Figaro“ that America should start forming coalitions with a view to solving such global problems as regional conflicts, climate change, poverty, since the country proceeds to be the single superpower.  The first steps are promising: B.Obama was interviewed by the television „Al Arabia“, his first phone call was to M.Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Autonomy, and he offered the hand to Iran.

President B.Obama, while addressing the troops in the Camp Lejeune on 27 February, said that by August 31, 2010 America‘s combat mission in Iraq would end but it would retain a transitional force made up of 35 to 50 thousand troops in Iraq. He highlighted that the American war leaders would remove combat brigades by coordinating actions with the Iraqi Government. Several Iraqi TV stations broadcasted the speech in Camp Lejeune directly.

The speed seems to be constructive. But according to „The Washington Times“, the nature of B.Obama’s reforms is controversial.  Every second nuclear state develops its nuclear resources, whereas North Korea and Iran seek to acquire nuclear warheads and increase the missile potential. Today the United States has less than 2200 of deployed warheads and administration is not planning to allocate funds for modernization of nuclear deterrent forces. Thus, the single super power might become a nuclear impotent. The paradox is that weakened deterrence potential might provoke America’s enemies acquire strategic superiority, and old allies might sophisticate their nuclear forces. Consequently, B.Obama‘s initiatives could result in circulation of nuclear weapons.

In the publication on nuclear disarmament, „The New York Times“ reminds that if the above road is pursued, new threats would have to be met effectively. The current America’s nuclear armory can withhold North Korea or Iran, but it cannot frighten terrorists if they decide to blast a bomb in New York or Los Angeles. Experts cannot agree on a reasonable amount of nuclear warheads to be kept not only by the United States and Russia, but also by all the states holding the nuclear weapon.

There are no doubts that the new American president will also be tested by groupings like Al Qaida. There have already been signals on possible acts of terrorism in New York underground. Terrorists were not optimistic about B.Obama‘s presidency. He promised to catch and destroy O.bin Laden, and terrorists are not enthusiastic about that.

It seems that the new United States president seeks to speed up changes in the American economy and foreign policy. In any case, within the context of dynamic reforms, he must keep eyes open…

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