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  Polish lessons to Lithuania (1)

Aras Lukðas
2006 12 12

http://www.zeit.de/online/2006/28/bildergalerie-polen-kaczynskiCurrent political processes in Poland remind certain Lithuanian political events. The political pendulum of the post-communist transformations began swinging in both countries nearly at the same time: both, right-wing and left-wing politicians in power exchanged seats  according to the same scenario.

These parallels ended when in the last year’s parliamentary and later presidential elections of Poland the brothers Kachinski and the union „“The Truth and Justice“  around them have been declared the winners. Only those emigrants from „Solidarity“won, who rejected the idea of compromise with the post-communists. The Kachinski have specified their major goal – to destroy the bargain between the former communist nomenclature, „prichvatisators“, special services and the media meeting the needs of all of them.  Unfortunately, another party „Platform of Citizens“, which has developed from „Solidarity“, did not support the Kachinski, therefore they had to apply to a less agreeable, but more determined associate – „The League of the Polish Families“, headed by R.Gertych and the populist „Self-Defense“ of A.Leper.   

The results of the municipal elections which took place in Poland at the beginning of November, have been evaluated as the standoff between „The Truth and Justice“ and „The Platform of Citizens“. The third place was taken by the left wing. It seems that they started to recover after the defeat in the last year‘s elections. This means that the system, with which the Kachinski is fighting, is not going to surrender without a battle. However...    

The lustration process, after the Kachinski came into power, has accelerated – president has signed the Law on Lustration and it was supported by society (including province). Sensitivity of the Polish society to problems the roots of which trace back to the recent past  - this is the main difference from the situation in Lithuania. Let’s compare: nearly at the same time, when our country witnessed the scandal of reservists“, J.Oleksy, the then chairman of the Seimas was accused  for belonging to „the reserve“. Differently from our „reservists“, J.Oleksy was forced to resign.

The reform of the military information services has just come to an end in Poland. It was very radical: the service was liquidated and two new services established – the intelligence and counterintelligence. New services do not recruit persons who had any relation with the „reserve“ of the Russian special services, including GRU.  During the reform it turned out that this structure, as our analogue State Security Board, has been acting against the right wing during the last decade of the last century (today in Lithuania efforts are made to „compromise“ the conservative party). Part of the media was involved into this dirty game both in Poland and Lithuania.

It should be noted that none of the Polish politicians would dare to say what was said by our Prime Minister G.Kirkilas, i.e. that „politicians must not interfere into activities of special services“. In Poland everybody agrees that it is necessary to establish a parliamentary control as one of the major instruments of democracy.

The Polish diplomatic services have also experienced major staff changes. Recently all the diplomats who studied in the Moscow State International Relations Institute have been dismissed from the leading positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Due to the same reason part of the Polish ambassadors have also been withdrawn. 

Brothers Kachinski treat the problem of Russia’s (and its possible agents) influence very seriously. However, in order to prove a simple truth – decommunisation weakens dependency from Russia – challenging political fights are necessary even in Poland. 

Qualitative policy changes in Poland have been observed already at geopolitical level. Poland blocked negotiations between Russia and the EU on the new strategic partnership agreement. The Polish requirements are clear: Russia has to ratify the Energy Charter and stop hindering the interested countries from reaching energy sources in the Middle Asia and the Caspian Sea region. This would terminate the gas and oil blackmail, which is most frequently the main weapon of Moscow.

They say that Lithuania supports Polish position in Brussels. However, so far our authorities have not declared their clear and definite position on the above issue. 

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