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  Kyrgyzstan: a Test Site for Russian and American contest

Èeslovas Iðkauskas, political analyst
2010 05 10

A new revolution in Kyrgyzstan. President K.Bakiyev managed to stay in power for five years, gathered too sweet fruits of the „tulip revolution“ and made Russia irritated. Riots in the country on 7-8 April led to the opposition’s statement concerning „restoration of democracy“, whereas K.Bakiyev had to run (by plane) to the country’s southwest to look for a shelter among relatives and supporters.

  NATO seeks new Afghan transit routes

Ainis Razma, VDU PMDI doktorantas
2010 05 03

While planning the intervention in Afghanistan, the Western allies have chosen the Khyber Pass in Pakistan as the main military supplies route. About 75 percent of military cargo was shipped to the Port of Karachi and transported to Kabul by 2000 km land routes. The Khyber Pass is a serpentine road over mountain passes and is the best connection between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  Breakthrough at Katyn

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2010 04 27

Everything gets in its right place. It becomes clear what is behind certain hearts (if these hearts are still alive) and minds: the brain or a sponge. The conscience, a nearly forgotten phenomenon, wakes up. It evidences about the soul, it can make mountains move and break through the concrete.

  Yanukovych’s Revenge

Dr. Andreas Umland, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Departament of Political Science
2010 04 22

Largely unnoticed in the West, Ukraine’s new President, Viktor Yanukovych, has brought to power an illegitimate government, in March 2010. Though being installed via a seemingly orderly parliamentary procedure, the current Ukrainian cabinet headed by Prime-Minister Mykola Azarov has no proper popular mandate. How did that come about?

  Iran‘s nuclear programs: friends and opponents of Tehran

Valentinas Mitë
2010 04 19

It wouldn‘t be right to say that Iran is completely isolated and has no friends. Moreover, there is no single opinion on Iran‘s nuclear programs and on whether attempts to stop these programs by international sanctions are efficient.


Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2010 04 19

With all deepest sympathy we feel to Polish people, there is an open question for today and tomorrow. That’s the fundamental reason and message - the Katyn statement ­– with what kept at heart President Kaczynski moved to meet his destiny.

  The West and the East, or the shadow of a new cold war

Viktor Denisenko
2010 04 15

The cold war seemed to be in the distant past. Contraposition between the East and the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Block seemed to loose relevance. NATO revises the concept of its strategy and identifies the international terrorism and other new challenges as main threats. France, a member of NATO, sells military ships to Russia. But does all the above mean that stability and harmony have been reached in  the European Continent?

  China has its own way of overcoming the crisis

Èeslovas Iðkauskas, political analyst
2010 03 31

China‘s economic phenomenon is fascinating and mysterious at the same time. Reforms which started in 1978 are successfully accomplished, and an almost two year crisis demonstrated the strength of the „Asian tiger“. According to Reuters information released in November of the last year, during the years of the crisis the number of billionaires in China has increased from 101 to 130, whereas the global numbers have decreased by 23 percent.

  Why Russia is reluctant to contribute to NATO’s military campaign in Afghanistan?

Aivaras Bagdonas, VU TSPMI doktorantas
2010 03 15

It seems that former active dialogue between Moscow and Brussels on Afghanistan has come to a dead-end. At the end of 2009 NATO initiated a new military campaign in Afghanistan and now it urges Russia to take joint and firm actions. But Russia is reluctant to accept this initiative.

  Petition against the sale of Mistrals to Russia

2010 03 15

We, European citizens of the countries neighbouring Russia, wish to express our misgivings about the French government’s intention of selling “Mistrals” to Russia.

According to Vladimir Vysotsky, the commander of the Russian Navy “A Mistral-type vessel will significantly increase the fighting and maneuvering capabilities of the Russian navy. During the events of August 2008 (the Russo-Georgian war), this ship would have enabled the Russian fleet in the Black Sea to carry out its mission in 40 minutes instead of 26 hours”.

  Russia Europe: The dangers of a «reset»

Françoise Thom
2010 03 01

What strikes a historian when looking at the relationship between Russia and Europe is the unchanging illusions Russia produces in the imagination of Westerners, and Russia’s ability to dictate the conceptual frameworks within which it wants to be interpreted - and misunderstood - abroad.

  Crimes of the Communist Regimes

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2010 02 25

The most terrible war crime is the war itself. More precisely, somebody’s initiated war of deliberate destruction and conquest, usually based on conspiracy and betrayal of the given international commitments, without regard for the caused human suffering, - this is the war crime Number one. If there is no war, where would war crimes come from?

  North Korea also experiences crisis

Viktor Denisenko
2010 02 17

The economic downturn has affected nearly all the world but North Korea managed to escape from its influence, since more severe and deeper crisis has been lasting in the country for years.

  Ukraine’s Future: The Precarious Alternatives to an EU Membership Perspective (1)

Dr. Andreas Umland, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Departament of Political Science
2010 02 12

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s dictum that, without Ukraine, Russia is no longer an empire is well-known in Europe too. Yet, its topicality for European security seems insufficiently appreciated in Brussels. While the EU cannot directly influence relations between Russia and Ukraine, any more than it can solve her problems, its Eastern policies do nonetheless affect both Kyiv’s foreign affairs and Ukrainian domestic politics.

  On tragedies

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2010 01 28

What then about the Holodomor or death camps of Nazis and Soviet bolsheviks, indoctrinated and premeditated for extermination day-by-day of millions of innocents? We need again a different, special definition there for the dark creatures – from the system-builders to physical perpetrators, so similar to humans - but we would abuse the beasts when calling those shaped on two legs by this very word.

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Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in the International Court of Justice for terrorism and racism (41)

2017 01 19

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine filed a lawsuit in the UN International Court of Justice against Russia within the framework of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, says the site of the Foreign Minister. This is done on the instructions of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, issued on 16 January.

National Armed Forces (NAF) of Latvia will deploy additional military units in three cities (67)

2017 01 18

For effective complex defence of Latvia, the establishment of a permanent division of the National Armed Forces has started in Latgale, reported the official website of the Ministry of Defence.


In Lithuania the amount of 110 thousand Euros was collected at a concert in support of the ATO fighters and residents of Donbass (23)

2017 01 17

On 13 January a concert "Together to the victory" was held in Lithuania, where the audience decided to support Ukraine's defence and donated 110 thousand Euros.


Belarus has established a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries (2)

2017 01 10

Alexander Lukashenko on 9 January signed a decree № 8 "On the establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign nationals." The document establishes visa-free entry to Belarus for a period not exceeding 5 days at the entrance through the checkpoint "National Airport Minsk" for citizens of 80 countries, - reported the press service of the President of Belarus.

The European Parliament approved the recall of visas for citizens of Ukraine and Georgia (3)

2016 12 19


The European Parliament approved the granting of a visa-free regime for short-term trips to the citizens of Ukraine and Georgia, RIA Novosti reported.


The US House of Representatives approved actions against the influence of Russia

2016 12 08

The US House of Representatives approved a bill on establishing an inter-departmental body, the purpose of which would be to resist Russian attempts of "influencing the people and the governments" of other countries, - reported the Associated Press.

Alexander Parkhomenko. The pro-Russian (not already) President of Moldova, who was seated by the Russian Federation, stated about the way towards the EU

2016 12 02

"I back up": networks got surprised with the unexpected statement of the pro-Russian President Dodon about the EU.

The newly elected president of Moldova Igor Dodon, known for his pro-Russian views, stated that his country is not going to refuse from the cooperation with the European Union.


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