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  New prime minister will not change Israel's problems

Valentinas Mitė
2008 10 20

There is no magician who could be able to solve problems related to the relationship of Israel with neighbors, especially with the Palestinians. However, replacement of the state authorities is promising. Both Israel and the United States related their hopes to new leaders.

  Economy crisis in Latvia: sad figures and sad people (8)

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2008 10 16

Problems in the financial sector of the United States have created a „domino effect“ in the markets of other countries. However, the sad news has been outspreading in the Baltic States much earlier. According to „The Economist“, economies of the Eastern Europe have been gradually parting from the fairy tale, whereas in Latvia and Estonia the economy soap-bubble has already exploded.

  Who said "genocide" first?

Dr. Andreas Umland, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Departament of Political Science
2008 10 10

"I did not get this, sorry?" – exclaimed Matvei Ganopolski, moderator of the radio station "Ekho Moskvy" (Moscow's Echo) being on air at the evening of August 8, 2008. Ganopolski was responding to his interview partner, the leader of the so-called International Eurasian Movement Aleksandr Dugin, who had just told him that Georgia's actions in South Ossetia that day were "genocide."

  The main enemy of Ukraine is Ukraine itself

Valentinas Mitė
2008 10 09

Russia‘s actions in Georgia are worrying its neighbors, especially Ukraine, seeking the membership in NATO and the European Union, although discussions on this issue between the forces supporting president and opposition are very complicated.

  Sevastopol: the Russian fleet will have to clear out

Česlovas Iškauskas, political analyst
2008 10 06

The Russian aggression against Georgia has revealed the problem of location of the entire Crimean, Sevastopol’s and the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In 2017, when the agreement (signed between Russia and Ukraine for the period of 20 years) on the lease of the port of Sevastopol expires, Moscow will have to decide where to locate the military fleet.

  Address at International seminar “Crimes of Totalitarian regimes in Central and Eastern Europe. Experience and Prospects of Assessment”

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2008 09 29

The hearings on the crimes of Communist regimes under the auspices of the Commission, as has been decided by the Council, are dealing with the most fundamental and very ancient issues. Their name is truth.

  The role of religious military groups in escalating conflicts in Central and South Asia

Mr. Oybek Makhmudov, Director of the Center of Young Political Scientists, Uzbekistan
2008 09 23

The Central and South Asia region is often portrayed as a hotbed of potential conflicts. Together with the fall of the USSR the ideological and religious vacuum in the region emerged. The religious illiteracy of the local population and aggravation of socio-economic problems in the region created favorable environment for the activity of the religious military groups.

  Crisis in Turkey: explosions, trials and the Muslim head scarves

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2008 09 15

At the end of July Istanbul was shocked by the attack during which 17 people perished and 154 were injured. According to the country‘s authorities and local newspapers, this was done by the Kurdish separatists. On 3 August the announcement appeared that „the majority of the explosion organizers“ were detained, whereas Prime Minister of Turkey T.Erdogan said that explosions in Istanbul was an obvious revenge for the military campaign against the Kurdish Labor Party.

  Projections of the American fighting in Europe

Darius Varanavičius, political scientist, executive editor of the magazine "The State"
2008 09 11

B.Obama, the nominee of the Democratic Party for the office of President of the United States, amazed the European citizens during his visit to Europe. It seems that „obamamania“ outreached America, and its „subject“ seeks to reveal his vision concerning the future role of the United States in the world to the international community.

  One minute speech

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2008 09 03

Day before yesterday I had long dinner conversation with one of the wisest heads of Europe, Otto von Habsburg. He said, going from his broad knowledge of the facts, that European governments are enormously corrupted. As it is pretty known that Russia does use the new secret weapon against the West, which is the global bribery, the Council of today could bring more light to this dark corner of European politics.

  Statement by Vytautas Landsbergis MEP

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2008 09 02

The one big member is keen to state about all conventions, charters and commitments: hey, they were imposed on me when I was weak. Now I feel myself strong and reject all that your damned colonialism. The right of the fist is my genuine principle again.

  The siege of Crimea

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2008 09 01

The Crimean peninsula intensifies the relations between Russia and Ukraine, however, the passions in Crimea itself are also bubbling away. The share of the Russians in Crimea comprises 58,3%, the Ukrainians – 24,3% and the Crimean Tatars – 12,1%. This ethnic group – about 260 thousand people – finds its way to normal life very complicated, tries to fight for its rights and beat against the political moods and interests.

  The Statement of Vytautas Landsbergis

Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament
2008 08 27

The Russian-Georgian war destroyed and denounced the agreement on common peacekeeping, the same way as Hitler's attack on Soviets denounced the Germany-USSR Treaty about friendship and cooperation. We should not expect somebody saying it is still valid.

  Lithuanian and Polish relations today: is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Krzysztof Kolanowski
2008 08 18

When reading the comments on the cooperation between Lithuania and Poland, the impression is that the Lithuanians are mostly concerned about the issues of economy and infrastructure, whereas the Polish – about the problems of the Polish of Vilnius Region. But problems are not always where one could usually expect. In view of this, what lessons could be drawn from the cooperation of the two countries during the recent 17-18 years?

  In case of war tomorrow, what would happen if Russia decides to recapture Crimea?

Vadim Volovoj, Doctor in Political Sciences
2008 08 11

The history of a potential conflict between Moscow and Kiev on Crimea started in 1954, when N.Chrushchov handed over the region of Crimea to the Ukraine SSR. This action was approved by the resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of USSR.

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Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in the International Court of Justice for terrorism and racism (41)

2017 01 19

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine filed a lawsuit in the UN International Court of Justice against Russia within the framework of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, says the site of the Foreign Minister. This is done on the instructions of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, issued on 16 January.

National Armed Forces (NAF) of Latvia will deploy additional military units in three cities (67)

2017 01 18

For effective complex defence of Latvia, the establishment of a permanent division of the National Armed Forces has started in Latgale, reported the official website of the Ministry of Defence.


In Lithuania the amount of 110 thousand Euros was collected at a concert in support of the ATO fighters and residents of Donbass (23)

2017 01 17

On 13 January a concert "Together to the victory" was held in Lithuania, where the audience decided to support Ukraine's defence and donated 110 thousand Euros.


Belarus has established a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries (2)

2017 01 10

Alexander Lukashenko on 9 January signed a decree № 8 "On the establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign nationals." The document establishes visa-free entry to Belarus for a period not exceeding 5 days at the entrance through the checkpoint "National Airport Minsk" for citizens of 80 countries, - reported the press service of the President of Belarus.

The European Parliament approved the recall of visas for citizens of Ukraine and Georgia (3)

2016 12 19


The European Parliament approved the granting of a visa-free regime for short-term trips to the citizens of Ukraine and Georgia, RIA Novosti reported.


The US House of Representatives approved actions against the influence of Russia

2016 12 08

The US House of Representatives approved a bill on establishing an inter-departmental body, the purpose of which would be to resist Russian attempts of "influencing the people and the governments" of other countries, - reported the Associated Press.

Alexander Parkhomenko. The pro-Russian (not already) President of Moldova, who was seated by the Russian Federation, stated about the way towards the EU

2016 12 02

"I back up": networks got surprised with the unexpected statement of the pro-Russian President Dodon about the EU.

The newly elected president of Moldova Igor Dodon, known for his pro-Russian views, stated that his country is not going to refuse from the cooperation with the European Union.


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