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  Katyn impedes relations of Russiaand Poland (1)

Česlovas Iškauskas, political analyst
2007 10 22

President of Poland L. Kaczynski with the delegation of 150 people visited the Katyn memorial near Smolensk and paid a tribute to 22,5 thousand Polish people murdered there in 1940. This was the first visit of L. Kaczynski to Russia (it lasted a few hours), the relations of which with Poland are quite strained. This visit coincided with the dark date of the Polish history: on 17 September 1939 the Red Army trespassed the Polish border and occupied its eastern region.

  Latvia and Russia: back to the old track

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2007 09 06

The British weekly The Economist pointed out recently that penetration of the Russian capital is especially relevant for Latvia where business magnates play an important role in the policy. The Border agreement signed in spring between these countries and the following open conflict of Moscow with Estonia have raised the hopes of Riga that it would benefit from the above – maybe would open new transit corridors for the Russian cargo. 

  Russia vs the Baltic States: dynamics of relationship

Viktor Denisenko
2007 09 03

Having escaped from the occupation, the Baltic States managed to alienate from the former metropolis and find its place in the Western world; however, quite often a legal concept versus (meaning a judicial contraposition) is quite often applied in terms of their relationship with Russia.

Straight after the fall of the Soviet Union, Moscow made the first steps towards democracy and, it seemed, was ready to recognize illegal incorporation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into the Soviet Union.

  What did the Russian behaviour with Estonia demonstrate?

Arūnas Spraunius
2007 08 21

Estonian President T. Ilvesas warned at the International Conference in Madrid, that the EU will lack behind the USA, China and India in the future if they do not open their markets for competition. Lack of it makes an impact on the security of Europe as well, since Russia is using energy sources as a political weapon. Accordingly, the EU shall have common energy policy, otherwise it is in danger to become the victim of the strategy "split and rule".

  Europe between America and Russia

Boris Tumanov
2007 07 23

When observing the recent geopolitical developments, one can be under impression that Moscow and Washington friendly try to imitate confrontation, which was a key implication of their policy in the last century. In principle, the republican authorities of the United States encourage the Russian great country‘s complexes, i.e. the complexes of Russia which „ceased to kneel“ and started to give credence to its majesty.

  Situation of the Russian speaking in the post-Soviet space

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2007 07 13

In June 2007, the State supported program „The Countrymen“ has commenced in Russia. The key goal of the program is to encourage the Russians, residing in „the near abroad“, to return back to Russia. According to the program, by the year 2025 Moscow expects 160-170 thousand repatriates from former soviet republics. However, Russia is waiting only for valuable specialists and countrymen of working and reproductive age.

  Poland can smell colonialism from the East

Česlovas Iškauskas, political analyst
2007 07 05

According to political analysts, all the Baltic States live under conditions of new colonialism. Poland in the first place. The Russians and Germans are again writing Poland’s history (see the Polish newspaper „Wprost“). Has the era of neocolonialism really come?


  What is the price of good relations with Russia?

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2007 05 30

The Border Agreement signed between Latvia and Russia on 27 March will undoubtedly come into the history of bilateral relations; however, it is not clear yet if this will improve the relations between the states.  The Latvians shouldn’t forget the experience of their neighbors - an agreement not ratified by parliaments does not imply any major success. Lithuania remembers this perfectly well.

  Conflict covered by historical emotions

Darius Varanavičius, political scientist, executive editor of the magazine "The State"
2007 05 28

Mass riots in Tallinn streets: broken windows, robbed shops, many policemen and lots of drunken Russian speaking youth, shouting pro-Russian slogans and provoking aggression.  Such a picture in the broadcasts from Estonia has become ordinary last week.

  Monuments to the Russian soldiers – an object of political speculations

Aušra Radzevičiūtė
2007 05 21

Removal of the bronze monument for the soviet soldier from the centre of Tallinn provoked serious riots in the capital of Estonia. On 27 April, in response to „the jeer at the victims and victory of the 2nd World War“, the Upper House of the Russian Parliament has unanimously decided to apply to V. Putin on termination of diplomatic relations with Estonia.

  Chechnya: cannonade of the war turns into a war of interests

Česlovas Iškauskas, political analyst
2007 05 10

Today there are no direct war actions in Chechnya; thirty-year-old R. Kadyrov, elected the president of the country with the help of Moscow, imitates policy independent from Moscow, whereas Russia is further generously subsidizing economy of Chechnya. But isn‘t this external quietness predicting a new war?

  The phase of the Byelorussian pro-Western foreign policy comes to an end: reasons and possible consequences

Aurimas Liubinskas
2007 05 08

Contraposition of Russia and Belarus, which has intensified at the end of the last year, has reached its culmination at the beginning of 2007. President of Belarus A.Lukashenka has turned the back on Russia and declared the intentions to execute pro-Western foreign policy.

  Ukraine - headache for Europe...

Česlovas Iškauskas, political analyst
2007 05 07

Problems of CIS will prevail in the PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) session which has recently started in Strasbourg. The Euro parliamentarians are going to focus on the situation in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The exceptional attention will be given to Ukraine.

  Games with missiles (1)

Vadim Volovoj, Doctor in Political Sciences
2007 05 04

This story started when the Americans decided to dislocate the elements of its anti-ballistic missile defense system (ABM) in Poland and Czech Republic. When five years ago the United States made a decision to terminate the 1972 ABM Treaty with Russia, the fuss around this was very similar. However, this time other European countries have also been involved in the escalation of the problem.

  Four years in Iraq: mistakes and failures of the Americans

Skirmantas Mičas
2007 04 26

Four years have passed (on 20 March 2007) since the beginning of the American war in Iraq, however the situation here is far from stable. About 120 Iraq soldiers are killed every day, and the conflict between the Iraq Sunnis and Shiites is now characterized as a civil war.

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Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in the International Court of Justice for terrorism and racism (41)

2017 01 19

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine filed a lawsuit in the UN International Court of Justice against Russia within the framework of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, says the site of the Foreign Minister. This is done on the instructions of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, issued on 16 January.

National Armed Forces (NAF) of Latvia will deploy additional military units in three cities (67)

2017 01 18

For effective complex defence of Latvia, the establishment of a permanent division of the National Armed Forces has started in Latgale, reported the official website of the Ministry of Defence.


In Lithuania the amount of 110 thousand Euros was collected at a concert in support of the ATO fighters and residents of Donbass (23)

2017 01 17

On 13 January a concert "Together to the victory" was held in Lithuania, where the audience decided to support Ukraine's defence and donated 110 thousand Euros.


Belarus has established a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries (2)

2017 01 10

Alexander Lukashenko on 9 January signed a decree № 8 "On the establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign nationals." The document establishes visa-free entry to Belarus for a period not exceeding 5 days at the entrance through the checkpoint "National Airport Minsk" for citizens of 80 countries, - reported the press service of the President of Belarus.

The European Parliament approved the recall of visas for citizens of Ukraine and Georgia (3)

2016 12 19


The European Parliament approved the granting of a visa-free regime for short-term trips to the citizens of Ukraine and Georgia, RIA Novosti reported.


The US House of Representatives approved actions against the influence of Russia

2016 12 08

The US House of Representatives approved a bill on establishing an inter-departmental body, the purpose of which would be to resist Russian attempts of "influencing the people and the governments" of other countries, - reported the Associated Press.

Alexander Parkhomenko. The pro-Russian (not already) President of Moldova, who was seated by the Russian Federation, stated about the way towards the EU

2016 12 02

"I back up": networks got surprised with the unexpected statement of the pro-Russian President Dodon about the EU.

The newly elected president of Moldova Igor Dodon, known for his pro-Russian views, stated that his country is not going to refuse from the cooperation with the European Union.


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